Why Crystals?

Each crystal carries its own vibration and changes the energy at which WE vibrate.

Crystals, like our bodies, have auras of their own.  So when they interact with us, our energies connect and exchange.

Crystal therapy is one of a number of energetic healing techniques that can be used to lift our vibration and enhance our health and vitality.

Weakness and illness result from lack of 'prana' (life force, energy/breath).

Crystal therapy is a way to rebalance the cakras and expand our prana. Much like sound healing, crystals actually change the vibration of our cells.

When crystals have a pointed edge, the point indicates where energy is focused. Round/sphere like crystals indicate continuous energy.


Crystals can help you emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Crystals can help:

  1. Attune you to your deeper intuition
  2. Add focus to meditation (for guided meditation, leave it in the palm of your hand and let it become connected to you)
  3. Clear emotional blockages
  4. Cleanse people and spaces (add crystals throughout your house)
  5. Stimulate creativity and ideas

Each moonmalabymegan is cleansed with sound and love.