Lunar Life Coaching


7 WEEK Cakra Meditation and Balancing- 

Lets meditate, This 7 week course balances the cakras. It comes with a workbook and we will meditate, review, and work through each cakra together to find balance in your physical and energetic body. These sessions can be done in person or on zoom and they run for one hour each session.



Dive Deeper into your life with life coaching sessions. Life coaching provides support and accountability to help you live your most fulfilling life. Sessions support all areas of your life, including relationships, business, meditation, fitness goals, and much more. By taking the time to invest in yourself and reconnect to your inner teacher, you create change and intention for the direction of your life. Megan holds space for a holistic and natural approach for you to find your authentic self and set goals that are attainable.


Why a Life/Wellness Coach?

- Need guidance on moving you forward in your career

- Want to learn more about what your strengths and talents are

-Don't know what to do with a major life decision or feel stuck

-You need better daily routines and work life balance

-Feel an increased amount of stress and anxiety 

-You are going through a spiritual awakening and need support 

Lunar Life Coaching offers a 3 month program to get you started and aligned. Here's some of the topics we cover and more...

- Self care to manage stress and anxiety

-Self empowerment as you gain back confidence and purpose

-Daily practices and disciplines 

-Better relationships and communication 

This 3 month partnership will help your ideal life come to fruition to develop what is already inside of you. 

To learn more or schedule a session, please complete the contact form below and Megan will email you to finalize your appointment.