About Megan

Megan is passionate about crystal energy work and its powerful ability to raise the body's vibration. She has always enjoyed creating beautiful pieces that act as gentle reminders throughout the day to cultivate peace and inner healing.  

Also, a certified life coach who can help one find a soul connection, life purpose, confidence, and empowerment in your everyday life with mantra and breath. 

E-RYT 500, Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Crystal Specialist, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Breathwork coach. 



"Megan Cannon is an incredible person and that certainly shines through in her teaching. She is full of energy, while being patient, and really has a way of connecting with each and every student.

I personally feel like she is continually to help me grow tremendously in my practice. She is the type of teacher that you gush to your friends about, because you want them to benefit from her classes, just like you have!  I am blessed to have Megan in my life"🤗



"I have practiced yoga at various studios and with many different types of teachers for over 5 years now and Megan has helped me advance my practice and grow stronger on many levels in comparison.

"Her words and guidance throughout class and the fact that she makes adjustments really set her apart. She will encourage you to push yourself to the next level when she knows you can do more and that is the sign of an amazing teacher."



"I have been practicing yoga for almost 4 years. I have come across a few very good yoga teachers during that time, and Megan is one of them. My first class with Megan, she helped me with a seated forward fold, making me fold further than I thought I could. I have noticed, since then, that Megan has a way of welcoming students/yogis that are new to the class, new to yoga, or new to her. She offers pose adjustments, and helps them find and correct their
form in each pose. She is encouraging, positive and funny during class. Yes, funny. Invariably, at unexpected times, she makes me laugh. I like laughing in yoga class. In life, things can get too serious, it is important to lighten things up." 

"Megan is a good teacher, she guides us through the flow and demonstrates the proper way to form each asana/pose. I really enjoy having Megan as my teacher. She has opened new doors for me, introduced me to malas, meditation and opening up to signs from the universe. It has brought me a measure of peace.

Plus, through Megan, I decided to challenge myself physically and start CrossFit at the gym she and her husband Chris own."



"Megan is my favorite yoga teacher! She is real, funny, intuitive and always helpful in all of her classes. I love how she reminds you to breathe throughout the class, is supportive, but also challenges you & provides great insight into small tweaks that make a big difference in your practice. I can't say enough positive things about Megan on & off the mat! I would follow her to any studio!"



"A little over two years ago my then fiancé started attending classes at a CrossFit gym, to get in shape for our wedding. After a couple of weeks at the gym, he told me that the owner’s wife, Megan, was a yoga instructor and convinced me to join him in a class. I had only taken a few yoga classes at that time.

Two plus years later and we attend as many classes as we can with Megan. We have followed her to multiple studios and venues because of the quality of her yoga practice. My husband and I have tried other classes around the valley to supplement between Megan’s and we constantly find that her classes stand alone when I comes to quality, communication and passion.

Megan is a true professional. In class, when taking a pose, she will offer up the Sanskrit translation, the English translation and always adds in her own fun interpretation that gives the class that bit of approachable energy that I think is important for both seasoned yogis as well as newbies. That combination of professionalism and approachability is what makes Megan such a wonderful teacher. She offers up encouragement and is always the first to challenge us by introducing a new pose into the class.

By far Megan’s best asset is her communication skills. It is so easy to get lost in a yoga class and Megan has a way of communicating each pose so perfectly so that you can focus on your own self and your breathing, rather than looking around the room to see what others are doing. Megan never misses a beat
and honestly I sometimes have no idea how she keeps each class different and interesting all the while memorizing each flow. In the time I have practiced yoga I have never had an instructor that is as good of a communicator as Megan.

From the first class you take with Megan, it is clear just how passionate she is about what she does. Megan inspires others with her passion for the practice of yoga and her passion of living life with intention and balance.

I am happy to call Megan a friend, a relationship which was built organically through the time I have been one of her students.  My husband and I will continue to attend Megan’s classes and workshops for as long as she continues to teach yoga."



"Megan Cannon is truly an amazing yoga instructor. She has an easy going nature and you can tell she loves what she does. Megan takes the time to get to know each yogi and finds what each of us is looking to bring into our practice. Her soothing tone starting out the class calms the mind knowing you are where you need to be. Each class flows nicely, giving you the warm up needed to transition into a more active yoga (with great background music). My yoga foundation is solid due to her guidance, encouragement, and wisdom. She is also very good at demonstrating a pose in class that needs attention and gives direction where needed. Megan truly wants others to experience the most from each pose in their practice. When I leave class I am more relaxed then when I arrived. I feel I've worked my body and mind to a more peaceful state. I look forward to her classes as she has given my practice a new level of appreciation and a more enlightened state."