Meditation + Mala Workshops

Moonmalas & Crystal Energy with Megan: Create your own mala with energetic crystals

In this workshop you get to create your own mala and learn about the healing properties of crystals and how they change your vibration. You will design your own mala, learn how crystals change energy, how to cleanse crystals, meditation and crystals, and how you can use crystals in your every day life.

This class is taught by Megan Cannon lover of Crystal healing and energy work throughout the body.  ERYT 500, Reiki Master Practitioner, and Certified Crystal Specialist Studied under Dr. Aly with Blossoms United for crystal training,  300 YTT with Anahata Soul, and studied Reiki with Marsha Cravens.

This workshop is 2 hours.  Host your own group or individual mala workshop at your home, workplace, or the Papago Yoga Studio.  Mala workshops are an incredible way to bring friends together or build connection in the workplace.

For more information on hosting a mala workshop, contact Megan at


Online 1:1 Available at this time